For those of you that have PROCAD’s add-on to your existing AUTOCAD, and also have Mech-Q installed on your computer, it may cause difficulties when installing or operating your PROCAD software.

If you have installed Mech-Q software, or even if you uninstalled Mech-Q, there is an AUTOCAD lisp routine that conflicts with PROCAD operation. Since Mech-Q adds an initialization statement in that lisp routine, you need to make adjustments to that file.

It is a simple fix to have PROCAD up and running!

Here’s how to do it:

You must edit the ACAD202xDOC.lsp – lisp routine document file and adjust it in one of 2 ways:
Note: [x] represents your version of AUTOCAD; 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, etc.

  1. Delete the Mech-Q reference line (if the software is no longer installed on that computer)
  2. Remark out the line with the Mech-Q reference, use the “;” semi-colon character

The file to edit is located in the following folder:

     C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2022\Support\en-us\

Note: AUTOCAD 2022 is used in the sample above, please adjust for your version of AUTOCAD.

To be safe, make a backup copy of acad2022doc.lsp then open the original file. 

Search for the Mech-Q reference line in the code, it should be near the bottom of the file.

Use option 1 or 2 above as appropriate.

Save and exit the file.

Restart the PROCAD software and the problem will be resolved.

It’s that easy!

This article is part of our continued effort to help customers learn and use the software effectively.

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