PROCAD’s 2025 software release is coming soon after product testing is completed.

The PROCAD Plus version will be available with the latest built-in AUTOCAD® OEM 2025. Click here for more information on AUTOCAD OEM software. 

PROCAD is also planning to release its Standard version, which will be an add-on to existing AUTOCAD software versions 2021 through 2025.

The software installation process was updated for the new versions to ensure compatibility with the latest IT systems.

Stay tuned for the official release announcement.

We encourage customers to upgrade their existing PROCAD if it is older than three versions. Keeping your software current keeps you in the loop with other users. Your existing drawings will be 100% compatible, as they are AUTOCAD-based.

Upgrading your current licensed product is free of charge and allows you access to the latest software and product improvements.

Check out the videos of the latest features added to the Learn page. They help improve your software usage skills.

Please contact us if you need assistance with any issues or want to learn more about the new and existing features. We’re here to help, so send us a quick note at