To ensure our customers get the most out of their PROCAD software, we developed comprehensive training services suitable for every company. PROCAD training is delivered as follows:

  1. Free start-up training
  2. Free web tutorials
  3. Onsite training
  4. Web training

1. Free start-up training

When you order PROCAD, you’re entitled to a free orientation web session. This is basic training to familiarize your staff with PROCAD’s powerful features to boost design accuracy. It also explains how to communicate information from drafting to the shop floor, and to accounting.

To get more information on free training eligibility, please contact customer service or call us at 403-216-3375.

2. Free web tutorials

We provide extensive tutorials and training videos that cover all the module included in the PROCAD Suite. They cover functionality and features and help customers to successfully implement the software in their business.

  • They are available 24/7
  • You can view them at your convenience
  • They provide a good reference resource

3. Onsite training

If you have many staff needing to be trained, onsite training offers the most cost-effective way to deliver custom training for your company.

In addition to training PROCAD users, we also train your IT on how to manage the software and company projects. We also provide your accounting department with best practices on how to get project data from drawings and shop floor to simplify billing.

Our software expert will travel to your location anywhere in the world. For more information on PROCAD onsite training, please contact us at: Our qualified instructor will customize the training course to suit your exact needs.

Onsite training features include:

  • Lecture style sessions are combined with interactive hands-on working sessions
  • Users receive immediate feedback and answers from an experienced trainer
  • Concepts and procedures presented are immediately put into use to allow users to practice and get individualized assistance
  • Working sessions allow users to focus on areas of interest and work at their own pace
  • Course content is comprehensive, designed around your company’s requirements
  • Training sessions are eight hours daily, for either three or five-day courses
  • Flexible scheduling for your convenience
  • Training takes place at your company’s offices to eliminate travel expenses for multiple staff members
  • Flat daily rate – up to four trainees can attend training sessions

4. Web training

Web training is the best way to get the training you need at a cost you can afford. With flexible 2-4 hour sessions, you can tailor the training to your needs with the least disruption to your work schedule. All staff can join the training session at one affordable flat rate.

Web training features include:

  • Seminar style lectures use GoToMeeting® web presentation tools
  • Provides your staff with a question and answer period
  • Course content is designed to match your company’s specific requirements
  • Training sessions provided incrementally to allow attendees time to absorb course material between sessions
  • You can request as many sessions as you need
  • You can add additional training hours, charged hourly
  • Flexible scheduling for your convenience
  • No associated travel costs
  • Large number of trainees can attend each session
  • PROCAD pays all connection and long distance telephone charges

Training course outlines

Below are the training course outlines. They are adjusted to suit a customer’s needs to ensure delivery of the right training solution.

3DSMART training – course outline

Overall 2D piping software training – course outline

P&ID training – course outline

ISOMETRIC training – course outline

ORTHO training – course outline

ELECTRIC training – course outline

To get more information on training, please contact us by email or by phone 403-216-3375.