Understanding What AutoCAD “OEM” Means to You

What does OEM really mean to you the user, besides standing for Original Equipment Manufacturer?

Even this might not make any sense, what manufacturer? Well in this case it is the AutoCAD engine provided by Autodesk Inc. So where is this engine? It is embedded in the PapriCAD suite of products. You should all be familiar with the PROCAD suite of products that include the 2D DESIGNER and 3DSMART lines that require the end user to purchase their AutoCAD separately. With the PapriCAD line, the “AutoCAD engine” is already built-in.

As the end-user you have to ask yourself if your computer is being totally dedicated to piping/electrical drafting or is it being used for other applications such as a civil/structural or mechanical software. If the answer is my computer is being used exclusively for piping/electrical drafting then you should seriously consider the PapriCAD line of products,

Let’s look at the economics of this decision; purchasing a standalone license of AutoCAD will cost you up to US$3,995*. The cost of our piping software ranges from US$700 to US$3,000. With the PapriCAD product line the prices range from US$1,700 to US$3,700 remembering that this includes the AutoCAD OEM engine. This really is as good a deal as it looks – no hidden costs, no surprises.


* depending on your region