Price, Performance and Long Term Costs

The initial cost of software acquisition should not be the only consideration since you hope to use the software for a long time. Although the initial capital expenditure dollar amount is important, it must be considered along with other factors, such as ongoing maintenance, training requirements and upgrade cycles.

The software’s return on investment is determined over time and is determined on the following measures:

  • The software is living up to its claims of increased productivity
  • Staff training requirements are reasonably low
  • The software developer is providing adequate support for their product
  • The software requires minimal IT support

When taking these variables into account, the software acquisition process will result in a good return on investment in the short, medium and long terms. If you’re considering new piping software, here’s PROCAD’s main objectives of software and services delivery based on its mission statement to “to design software that works for you”:

  • Reasonable upfront cost
  • Straight forward implementation
  • Every module is included – no hidden costs or expensive options
  • Flexible ongoing maintenance through subscription or pay-as-you go
  • Robust technical support
  • Timely updates and upgrades