Model vs. Drawing

As plant operators and engineering companies expand the use of CAD technology, it makes more sense to develop 3D models for most facilities vs. multiple view 2D drawings. Most new projects benefit from 3D modeling, especially if work on the facility is starting from scratch. When 3D software is used correctly, the end results will provide many gains in productivity and design accuracy.

There also is a need for 2D design software as many projects are tie-in, small additions or field work. Also, for older facilities, the only available records of the physical design are 2D drawings. In this case,  using 3D software will rack up more costs in engineering services.

Even though 3D is the best way to design a piping facility, 2D design still has its place for many years to come.  PROCAD offers both 3D and 2D piping design software to cover design needs for any project.