Do you have existing AutoCAD borders or title-block information? Want to use them in the PROCAD software? It’s easy, simply select them for use through the Standards Manager supporting module.

Don’t have any existing borders? Do you need to create a border for your company? How about for a customer or client?

You can use the standard PROCAD borders that come with the software, or you can customize your very own!

Start from scratch in AutoCAD, or edit/modify an existing border to suit your needs/specifications. Borders are “Standard” specific, so you can use several borders for different projects and/or customers.

This tutorial will be your guide to creating and using custom borders. It supports both the PROCAD 2D Software  and PROCAD SPOOLCAD software.

Watch the tutorial video below.

PROCAD’s Video Tutorials act as part of our continued effort to help customers learn and use the software effectively. Besides our PROCAD Tutorials, these additional videos expand the users’ knowledge base of the software.

Be sure to keep viewing the PROCAD News and Learn sections. More tutorials will be added that will enhance your PROCAD software experience!

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