For users that need to work with “mixed units” (using “inch” pipe sizes, but lengths and dimensions in millimeters), this can be set within the Standards Manger module.

PROCAD’s ISOMETRIC works in both the metric system, using millimeters, and in the English system, using feet and inches. And the two systems can be combined (mixed) for those who need to see both!

Simply open the Standards Manager and create a new standard (aka project) with the following settings:

Standards Manager Units Settings
Setting the working and display units for the standard (aka project)

When a new isometric drawing is created using this standard, the displayed size units in the toolbar and BOM will be in inches, but the dimensions and pipe lengths will be in millimeters and meters as shown below:

Sample mixed units output
Sample: The display units are in inches, but dimensions and pipe lengths in the BOM are in millimeters

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