What’s Next for Oil

Oil is an incredibly valuable commodity!

With thousands of uses, it allows us to live in comfort, get better food selection, drive or fly around the world in addition to being the main ingredient of the the products we use every day and take for granted.

It’s regrettable that oil is getting no respect these days. We waste it at an alarming level and oil producing countries want us to use it up as quickly as possible since it’s so abundant and they need ever more money to support their ever growing lifestyle demands. This is an irresponsible action since future generation will continue to need oil to help them get the same benefits from it as we do today. They may not have our luxury.

Oil should cost much more than what it currently trades at. Maybe $200 a barrell will help us conserve more and pollute less. Using it as an economic weapon among competing countries is madness that will have lasting consequences for future generations.