What you get when you acquire PROCAD

At PROCAD, we believe in the elegance of simplicity. It has been our experience as software users ourselves, that whenever we looked for a software solution, it always ended up costing more than initially advertised. Most of our customers want to avoid sticker-shock when all options and additional service costs are added up.

So when you order any PROCAD application, you get all the necessary components to get started with your design. We don’t have hidden fees or expensive options that significantly increase the cost of software ownership.

You can enrol in our Subscription Plan to cover all of your technical support and free upgrades. If you decide to opt out, simply pay for technical support and upgrades if and when you need them. We will assist you in choosing the best product and services to fit your business.

With PROCAD, in addition to acquiring good software, you will also enjoy prompt technical support, free software updates and timely upgrades to ensure optimal operation from your software.

You have our promise to work hard in helping you get the most out of your PROCAD software.

All the best in 2012!