Upgrade your PROCAD software

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading your PROCAD software will give you the latest tools to optimize the software’s new features. Software upgrades are free of charge for all customers with monthly or yearly licenses.

The following information details how to upgrade to the latest version of PROCAD software.

If you have a NETWORK license or a 3DSMART license, it is best to contact our support team for assistance:

Email: support@procad.com


Website form: https://procad.com/support/

Step 1

For those of you with STANDALONE installations, it is an easy upgrade.

Scenario 1

If you have the PLUS version with built-in AUTOCAD OEM, download the latest software version using the 15-day Free Trial from our website. It is a separate and completely functional install and will not affect your current installation.

Scenario 2

If you require the version which works with your existing AUTOCAD installation (version 2024 thru 2020), download the software from the following link:


For both scenarios, once the software is downloaded and installed, try it to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Step 2

Then it’s simply a matter of transferring your current data information. The easiest way is to copy the folders from the existing installation to the new installation.

Your data files should be in a folder like the one below. For this example, we’re copying the existing 2023+ PROCAD to the latest 2024+ PROCAD.

C:\ProgramData\PROCAD\2D Plus 2023\

Copy the entire folder structure from here and copy/paste it into the same folder in the new software.

C:\ProgramData\PROCAD\2D Plus 2024\

Step 3

License Return Feature

For those with 1-year or 3-year licenses, you’ll need to return your current version’s license.

You can do this through the License Manager module.

After downloading and testing the new version, you can re-activate the latest version’s license.

Step 4

We’re here to help and can assist with an online connection.

We use Microsoft Teams software for the connection.

Ask, and we’ll email you a meeting request to suit your schedule.