Upgrade a Must?

Software upgrades are important to keep your software working now and in the future.

At PROCAD, we take an organic approach to software upgrades. It is our belief that when your software is working well and serving company needs, you should use it until for a long time without interruptions.

So when is it necessary to upgrade?

At PROCAD we feel the software needs upgrading when it;

  • you have a new computer and/or new AutoCAD or O/S
  • new features justifies the cost of the upgrade price
  • justifies the time needed to implement the new software.

Our software upgrades generally have a 3 year cycle. This helps companies in using the software without disruption before incurring upgrade costs in terms of time and money. As part of this philosophy, we support multiple versions of AutoCAD which has annual upgrades to avoid as-frequent PROCAD upgrades. Saves customers time and money.

In conclusion, upgrades are important and beneficial, but they should be offered in manageable frequency.