Trial Software Licenses

You complained about trial licensing and we listened!

On occasion when you downloaded and installed PROCAD software to try for 30 days, some of you experienced difficulty in applying the license file sent to you to unlock the software. We appreciate that your time is valuable and apologize if this inconvenience.

We understand your frustration and that’s why all PROCAD new products (PapriCAD 2D, 2D DESIGNER V2102 and 3DSMART V2012) have been updated to grant you an automatic 30-day free trial – no need to request a license from PROCAD!

This new software releases will be ready for download starting April 10*.

With enhanced FlexNet licensing, the software not only comes with an automatic free trial, but we also provide the option to move the software/license to other your computers when required. This gives you full control over your valuable software resources including your PROCAD software.

With this improvement, you will be up-and-running with your software trial right after you install it. We hope you’ll like it so much that you would consider acquiring it. This is our goal and we don’t want you to be annoyed with us.

* PapriCAD 2D V1.1, 2D DESIGNER V2012 and 3DSMART V2012 products will be released throughout the month of April. Not all of them will be released on April 10th.