This Year at Autodesk University

This year, AU was held in Las Vegas – again!

The weather was warm making it a nice getaway from Calgary’s winter blues. So going down is pleasant not just for the weather, but for latest AutoCAD information (overload) and good food.

PROCAD has been a member of the Autodesk Developer Network since 1991! Over the years, technology has changed so much. Our yearly pilgrimage to AU is necessary to keep up with the latest technologies coming down the AutoCAD pipeline. Autodesk has been a good company to work with in terms of its support for the developer network and keeping its software products current and relevant. ADN staffers are a great bunch of guys led by Jim Q – so easy to work with and very responsive to our needs.

So we no longer need to look at a crystal ball – we know what’s happening and our plans for the next release are now set in place. The only thing we can tell you is that with PROCAD, you will always get new features and compatibility with Autodesk’s latest offerings!

Stay tuned in 2013.