PROCAD Welcomes 2021 with Weekly Licenses!

Happy New Year from PROCAD!

Moving forward in 2021, PROCAD is making your workflows run more efficiently. As many of you have seen a reduction in workloads, we responded by adding the option of Weekly Licenses.

If you need the software to create or update just a few drawings and don’t want a full month subscription, then try our weekly licensing. This cost-effective option allows you to finish up your project work at a minimal cost.

Our flexible offering will help you get the right software you need to complete your project work and stay ahead of your competition.

Our New Year’s offering includes discounts of up to 20% on software subscriptions. For more cost details, check out the latest pricing.

Be assured we have the right products to improve your productivity and be cost-effective at the same time.

Have a great 2021!

Your PROCAD Team