PROCAD Offers Choices

We know that our customer have different needs, or their needs change with the economy and/or project requirements.

So at PROCAD, we decided to provides our customers with every possible solution to meet your business needs:

By application:

  • P&ID
  • Advantage BOM

By license choices:

  • Subscribe to convenient monthly subscriptions or affordable yearly subscriptions
  • Choose between standalone or network licenses

 By CAD platform:

  • Standard PROCAD products which are add-ons to your existing AutoCAD® software and are compatible with 2018,through 2013
  • PROCAD+ products come with built-in CAD platform

By price range:

  • PROCAD products start at an exceptional price of $125.
  • PROCAD+ products start at $175 with built-in CAD platform.

With all these options, there is a PROCAD application that’s right for your company.