Return your PROCAD subscription license in less than a minute!!

Just purchased a new computer? Want to transfer your active PROCAD software over to it?

Or are you upgrading your current software?

Don’t uninstall your software yet! You must first “return” your current active license before uninstalling.

The following information will guide you through the steps required. It is relatively simple.

Open the License Manger module found in the PROCAD folder on your desktop.

Select the PROCAD software license that you’d like to return (in the sample below, the ISOMETRIC software is selected), and then the License Return tab, and finally click the Return License option.

That’s it!

On the new computer, install the PROCAD software, and when prompted for the license, enter the original license code from the email sent to you by the PROCAD support team.

Need assistance with the subscription activation? Send a quick note to and we’d be happy to help!

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