Pipe Fabrication Know How

SPED Calgary meeting on pipe fabrication was held on Wednesday February 5th. The featured speaker was Mr. Robert Nardei of Nardei Fabricators Ltd.

Mr. Nardei provided an excellent presentation shedding light on pipe fabrication processes and how their work depends on engineering drawings. In this presentation, PROCAD had the opportunity to demonstrate SpoolCAD, its latest software designed to enhance pipe fabrication productivity.

With many questions and answers, the audience gained a new appreciation for the intricacies of this business, both from the standpoint of creating drawings to actual pipe fabrication on the shop floor.

We would like to thank SPED and Mr. Nardei for their keen interest to spread this knowledge and understanding.

Derrick at SPED

PROCAD’s Derrick demonstrating our software

2-7-2014 10-41-16 AM

Robert Nardei making his presentation