Our commitment to customers

PROCAD’s core values have provided customers with excellent products and services for the past 30+ years.

A valued customer provided the quote below gleaned from their experience with PROCAD’s software and services:

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that we are very appreciative of the service and support you guys have given us, the product is very user-friendly, and my guys love it. Like all other products, things come up where we have needed technical support to answer questions we might have had, and you guys have ALWAYS gotten back to us the same day and have patiently worked with us during our learning curve. Trevor, this email I’m sending you is just so you know that the great service and support have not gone unnoticed by myself nor by PBF Energy. We are truly pleased with the overall product, service, and support. Thanks”

Robert Cota – PBF Energy – Martinez Refinery, California