Oil Glut Persists in 2016

The current oil glut not showing any signs of improvement and 2016 will prove to be a tough year for Oil & Gas producers. It’s a perfect storm for the energy sector with the confluence of factors including fierce competition among producing countries, a slowing economy in China and more renewable energy projects coming online. These conditions discourage building new expensive facilities to increase production and add to an already depressed market.

This translates into decrease demand for software from engineering and resource companies as they continue to trim staff worldwide due to many shelved or cancelled projects.

However, the impact on PROCAD in a lean market is usually positive. With cost-effective software and flexible choices of included AutoCAD OEM and rental option, it makes PROCAD products quite attractive for companies in budget-challenged times. As normal retrofit, revamp and upgrade work continues unabated on existing facilities, as well as new engineering firms coming on the scene, PROCAD software represents an excellent choice to get the job done efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

So if you’re holding off on software acquisition to avoid spending a lot of money, check out PROCAD. As a cherry on top, PROCAD PLUS applications come with included AutoCAD!