Isn’t AutoCAD Enough?

Even after almost 30 years of CAD software being available for microcomputers, there’s sometimes a certain lack of understanding of what digital drafting brings to the productivity table.

To begin with, AutoCAD software brought a significant leap forward in helping improve drafting productivity. As a digital drafting table, it made erasing whole segments of a drawing a thing of the past. It also gave users so many productivity tools at a price that was unimaginable a decade earlier.

Having given credit where credit is due, the concept of just having AutoCAD on your computers will make your staff significantly more productive is flawed. True enough you can create simple block libraries that negate the need for your staff to draw each component from scratch. But where AutoCAD really shines is when you bolt an add-on like PROCAD’s piping software and realize exponential increase in productivity!

Many company managers concerned about software costs figure that AutoCAD is adequate to improve their design productivity. That’s not necessarily true. Without relevant add-on software like PROCAD, your company will partially realize benefits of digital drafting. They merely traded the drafting table for a better one.

If your company is desirous of realizing the full potential of CAD, we recommend you take the next step up and add the final piece of productivity puzzle – an add-on to AutoCAD.