How to Choose Software

Price vs Long Term Considerations

The most important consideration when acquiring new software is productivity. The price tag plays an improtant role, but by no means it should be the deciding factor. If the initial software cost looks intimidating, consider how much time you will save with the increased productivity it brings. Your designers may be spending far too much time doing things manually that project time grows by multiples, yes you read this correctly, multiples. In addition to the additional time considerations, the accuracy and consitency also suffers as a result.

I recall many engineering company managers telling me that their revenue is based on chargeable hours. The more hours they use, the more they can charge their customers. In many ways, this has been a way business was done when times were good and many projects were cost-plus. However, this logic is short sighted because your company’s performance will be measured against others. If your competitors use good productivity tools and excute projects more efficiently, then your chances of landing new projects are slim, especially during an anaemic economy.

When considering a software package to improve company performance, you should consider many aspects before making a final decision. Software cost, training, maintenance and long term cost-of-ownership are all part of the mix. When you find a product you’re most impressed with, make sure that you don’t opt for a cheaper product just because you save a bit of money now. The investment you make in software you is a long term proposition, and most often cheaper software ends up costing more in the long run.

At PROCAD, we encourage you to check the software out for yourself. Download the software and request a 30-day trial license. It is free and you get the full blown version of the software, not a restricted version that prevents you from getting the full experience of the software.

We’re confident that you will like what you see. And if you have any quesitons about the software, we would happily arrange a web demo so you see the software in action and ask any question you may have.