Data Is the Future In 3D Plant Design

Engineering projects are increasingly complex and require enormous amounts of data. Decentralized and incompatible data translate into inefficient and costly projects. We believe data is the most valuable asset in the twenty first century and has the greatest impact on project efficiency. PROCAD’s data-centric software allows all of the project’s data – including settings, specs, user profiles, models and drawings – to be centrally stored, modifiable and accessible real time to all disciplines involved. PROCAD’s PapriCAD® 3D and 3DSMART® are designed on this basic foundation. Through a central SQL Server™ project database, all applications connect to this database like wheel spokes connecting to a hub.

Here are some of the major benefits of using PROCAD’s data-centric software:

  • Provides a unified work environment so all disciplines share data in real time
  • Global project data is available to be exported and/or connected to other engineering software such as stress analysis and project management software and cost tracking and procurement software
  • Allows access to all project staff, not just CAD designers who have PapriCAD 3D or 3DSMART installed on their systems
  • Allows for generation of global BOMs
  • Saves deliverable such as plans in the central database
  • Data can be used for PLM (Plant Lifecycle Management) post project construction

Adoption of data-centric applications is gathering momentum as understanding of its benefits grows among engineers and plant operators. We’d like to know what you think about data-driven project efficiency.