Cooperation Pays

PROCAD has worked closely with Autodesk since becoming a part of the ADN partner program in 1991. Over the years, in addition to the new features, we have maintained our products to ensure they are compatible with the latest AutoCAD release.

It has been a productive relationship made even stronger by the introduction of PROCAD’s PapriCAD 2D/3D product lines which include AutoCAD OEM software as part of the package. The latest product, SpoolCAD also comes with included AutoCAD OEM software  to provide pipe fabrication shops with a comprehensive spool drafting software. SpoolCAD combines AutoCAD’s robust graphics with PROCAD’s extensive isometric drafting know-how.

These new products were made possible by the exceptional efforts of TechSoft 3D to bring two technology companies together which benefit piping design around the world. To get more details on this cooperation, read TechSoft’s case study on SpoolCAD.