Component Designer

The Component Designer is the foundation of PROCAD’s 3D software: PapriCAD 3D and 3DSMART.

This application allows you to modify and add new sizes to the standard libraries supplied with the software. Here are some of the things you can do to adapt these libraries to your company standards:

  • Edit dimensions when you use components that are either non-standard or come from a different manufacturers
  • Add new sizes of components
  • Add your own item description of the component which overrides the standard descriptions provided by PROCAD

But the true power of the Component Designer lies in creating new components and/or entirely new libraries! With this application, you can take control of your components and libraries with these enabled features:

  • Create new components by designing their geometry – just select the shapes and the application writes the metadata for you
  • Add your own sizes based on the library you’re building
  • Define connection points on the component
  • Add rules as how this new component will interact with other components in the library: what it is allowed to connect with and under what conditions
  • Define their appearance in ISOGEN
  • Add the new component and/or library to the 3DSMART/PapriCAD 3D menus

Once done, the new components and/or libraries will work like any other supplied by PROCAD. This empowers you not just to add new items, but to make them intelligent and fully integrated in the software system. Power to the user!